"Greetings, All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime" Out Oct 26 via Royal Potato Family

Greetings, All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime

On May 10 2019, we held what was one of the most electric, intense and inspired concerts which we have ever had the honor of being a part of. In well over 1,000 opportunities to perform, this night stands out as the single most moving evening I can recall. For nearly 3 hours non-stop, we held intimate, energized and powerful space with probably the most present audience I can ever recall sharing with. It was quite dreamy.

After whittling down the best 72 minutes we could squeeze on a compact disc, we are pleased to announce our first live album for release.

"Greetings, All Ye Playful Prisoners of Spacetime" is the sum total of my life and its movements with music; buying my first tape in the 3rd grade and listening to The Doors In Concert ad infinitum my freshman year of high school. It continued taking shape at my first psychedelic concert experience (Primus 1995) and is further comprised of teenage drug addiction and transcendence a decade later. It is the direct result of clearing out open mic rooms and a host of other stage deaths. It is birthed with my son, my fears of failing him and my will to succeed and to share. It awakens from sleep upon hardwood floors after playing to eight people in Ames, IA on a Tuesday, busking up and down the West Coast for gas money, an almost tragic van rollover and half a dozen blown up engines. This album is the fruit of marveling over the live albums of the legends and the live performances of countless musical mystics. This is the amalgamation of making the best record resources allow and then taking it to the road at any cost while doing all things conceivable and inconceivable to share the deepest parts of me, both musical and cellular; that which I have discovered and that which the music reveals on its own divine timing. "Greetings" is a clear snapshot of this band live, 10 years in. It's my hope that the listener feels even a morsel of each painstaking moment that makes it what it is and, even more, that they might have a moment of peace, relief, inspiration, hope or joy on account of it.

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