"Born to Wake Up" Out Now

Born to Wake Up_CD SMALL.jpg

"…the perfect backdrop for cruising down desert backroads." – Paste Magazine

"It doesn't take too long to recognize that the swirling psychedelic soundscapes that Brandon Decker paints with his music pull inspiration from his Sedona home." - PopMatters

“There is no denying the powerful, provocative allure at play here. Decker is a modern desperado troubadour whose music keeps you spellbound.” - The Revue

I am pleased and excited to share with you 🌔 🌔 Born to Wake Up.🌖🌖 This album is a love letter to my son, myself, to the lands I inhabit and to all those who would listen. It is a concept album of meditations regarding life, death and rebirth; day and night; wake and sleep; the sun and the moon; darkness and light. I hope you will take the journey.

Many thanks for your love and for your continued support.

You can listen to the album on any platform at http://smarturl.it/deckerborntowakeup

RPF http://bit.ly/RPF-decker-BornToWakeUp
Amazon https://amzn.to/2NKEFvg
iTunes/AppleMusic https://apple.co/2Ldc9SD
Spotify https://spoti.fi/2xcOuIa
Bandcamp http://bit.ly/bandcamp-decker-BTWU
GooglePlay http://bit.ly/GooglePlay-decker-BTWU
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/deckermusic/sets/born-to-wake-up